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Your Mind Is Your Healing House, Lets Heal It Together

Healing and strengthening adults, teens, children, and families through therapy.


Welcome to Healing House


Healing House is a multi-specialty and multi-provider Social Service Agency. We are your one stop shop for your social service needs. Some of the services we provide include, but are not limited to; outpatient mental health, respite care, weight loss coaching, maternal infant health services, House-keeping, etc. Here at Healing House we are dedicated to the well-being, dignity, worth, mental health, and overall lives of adults, teens, children, and families. We service adults, teens, and children with behavioral Health needs, life management needs, social skill building needs, and overall life concerns. 

We are mission based, and use a  Person Centered Outreach approach in everything we do. We strive to make it as easy as possible for our members to receive the services they need. We know that transportation can be a barrier for some members to receive the services they need. Therefore, instead of requiring members to come to us, we will come to them or provide services via Telehealth. Whichever is easier for our members. However, our members are still able to come to the office if they would like.

Our program is enriched with extraordinary services, maximizing independence, self- determination, social interaction, and activities of daily living. Here at Healing House we believe in holistic care, it's not enough for us to only focus on physical needs we also want to provide our members with insight into their mental health needs, emotional needs, and spiritual needs (if applicable). 

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to provide quality services, that will help our members tap into their inner peace. We strive to improve and elevate the lives of our members and their families. 

Our vision is to promote independence, and inner peace in our communities while assisting members with tackling everyday life experiences.  

Words From Our Staff

“We hope that all our adult members reach a point where they understand, that if they continue to live in the past they cannot live in the present  and it may be hard to enjoy the future.” 

“We hope to motivate teens to build positivity into their lives now so that they will not live in the past once they're adults.” 

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Servicing, Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb County.

Main Office: 4777 E. Outer Dr. Detroit, MI 48234


Phone: (313)-717-4898

Fax: 1-(313)-625-6026

Email: [email protected]


Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 5:30pm
Sat: 9:00am - 1:00 pm
Sun: Closed