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We Exist Because.....


We simply care about the well-being of all people. We are here to make a difference in all of our members lives. We want our members to not only live life, but to live it to the fullest. Our agency is staffed with highly qualified professionals. We are here to serve each and every member on a personal level. Here at Healing House you are not a number you are YOU. We always address our members by name or preferred name. We make sure our members know that they are important and worthy. The services we provide are person centered and especially centered towards members needs. When our members are in need, we get things done here at Healing House. We do not procrastinate we work on our members needs right away. Because every second count and we are sure to make it count. 

A Message From The Owner

" I know that the sun comes out after it rains. I want to help our members walk through their personal storms, with their head still high, so they can enjoy the sun. I want our members to understand that the mind is a healing place. Every second of every person's life matters. Healing starts and finishes from within. I started Healing House to elevate, encourage, and bring forth peace within our minds/lives. Our agency would like to  lead our members to living peaceful and meaningful lives."